Primary School Upcoming Job Circular Accountant Post 2019 – 65000

Primary School Upcoming Job Circular Accountant Post 2019 – 65000. Principal decisions took to appoint ‘Accountant Officer’ in Government Primary School For this reason, this verse will create for all government primary. After the completion of all the proceedings, the recruitment process will start in 65 thousand 99 schools across the country.

Additional Secretary (Development) of Primary and Mass Education Ministry confirmed the matter. Gias Uddin Ahmed told Jago, “The policy decision has taken to create the post of the guardian. Need an accountant in the school to make head teachers’ main and schools more active in teaching and supervision. The proceedings will decide by the next task.

According to the ministry sources, there are currently 65, 99 government primary schools across the country. Of these, new Nationalization Government Primary School 26 Hajar 159 and Examination Schools 61. In these schools one will appoint ‘Accountant’. As a result, 65 thousand 99 people will recruit in the country.

There are 65,000 appointments in the primary

But it is not yet decided when it will be appointed as the ‘account keeper’. According to the ministry sources, the process of making posts, approval of the Ministry of Public Administration and other procedures will take some time to complete. In the current fiscal year, efforts will make to announce the appointment of ‘account holder’. If the appointment of a quality accountant, transparency and accountability will ensure for the primary school’s income-expenditure. Upazila primary education office will reduce pressure.

According to the Primary Education Department (DPE) sources, the primary teachers of the primary school have to work together to maintain and maintain all types of accounts. In addition to being involved in various types of instructional activities of the government, the head teachers can not properly manage the supervision-coordination of the school teachers. Only senior teachers of major teachers have to spend time in this work. So this step has take to concentrate more on teacher education.

There are 65,000 appointments in the primary

Ministry and DPE sources said, the level of primary education has set till the eighth grade in education policy. It can be processed even if it is not implemented in the new tenure of the government. Therefore, preservation and management of the head teacher’s office will not be adequate. Apart from this, many developmental activities of government primary schools are ongoing. Keeping these accounts accurate is a big question.

There are many complexities in saving accounts from many schools. So a qualified quality accountant has become urgent. Considering this, the creation of the post of Accountant in all the primary schools of the country has consider.

Ministry sources said that the importance of quality primary education has stress to ensure quality education as per the conditions of sustainable development targets (SDG).

The government is highly sensitive now than the previous years to achieve this goal. Several steps have already taken to ensure the quality of primary education. Among them, ‘One Day One Ward’ and one of the primary mathematical Olympiad launches. For these reasons, the principal decision making policy has made to make the post of ‘account holder’ to be more careful to ensure the teaching of the teacher.

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